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From "Stem to Stemware"

CIMG1057.jpg Welcome to St. Francois Vineyards and Winery where we have been growing grapes and raising nursery vines since 1992. We are located in the beautiful rolling hills of the St Francois Mountain Region, in the heart of the Missouri Parkland. The Winery offers wine tasting in a quiet and relaxed country atmosphere. Visitors may wish to browse the gift shop, enjoy handcrafted wines, or try locally made cheese and sausage. Guests are encouraged to mingle amongst friends in our tasting room or outside on the scenic vineyard setting of the outdoor patio. Upon request, you are also welcome to join in a tour of our Nurseries, Vineyards or Winery operations. Plus, we are a dog friendly operation!

St. Francois Winery actually evolved from our grapevine nursery business. As the mother blocks of vines increased to supply the nurseries with cuttings for propagation, the fruit that was produced by those also increased. The grapes were sold to other Missouri wineries until 2005 when our own Winery began production. The grapes harvested on site are now processed in this facility to produce the fine wines enjoyed by our guests today.

Our winemaker produces dry, semi dry, and sweet wines to please a wide range of diverse palates. Varietals include Chardonel, Traminette, Chambourcin and Cynthiana. Our blends include roses such as Pine Ridge Red and Tickle Me Pink.

St. Francois Vineyards & Winery can be considered somewhat unique. Our nurseries supply planting stock to hundreds of vineyards across the United States and our winery ferments, bottles and sells wines, utilizing fruit from our own vineyards. We have a passion for grapevines and wine. That’s why St. Francois Vineyards and Winery takes you from “Stem to Stemware.”


Wine Chalet

With so much to see and explore in Missouri’s Parkland, why not make St. Francois Winery your home base for your next adventure? Our comfortable and spacious Vineyard Chalet (nicknamed the “Flying Mushroom”) offers beautiful views of the vineyards and the rolling St. Francois Mountains from each of its balconies, comfortable amenities, Read More...

Wine and Longevity

What researchers have uncovered is a survival gene that can be "switched on" to become a longevity gene. The gene increases the production of an enzyme that prolongs the time a living cell has to repair its DNA genetic material. This enzyme is normally produced when the survival of living cells is threatened by starvation, exposure to germs or bombardment by solar ultraviolet radiation. Read More...